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Fam Auto Switch

Fam Auto Switch
Fam Auto Switch
Product Code : FI-07
Product Description
Fam Auto Switch:
Automatic Electronic Switching Unit for Multi-Purpose Use.
Controls: It has following controls:

Position Control:
When the knob is at AUTO position, the Fam Auto-Switch operates automatically. Other two positions of this control are for manually OFF and ON of the switch.

Sensitivity Control:
To achieve operation at desired lever of Light intensity.

Four Way Control:
When the knob is at AUTO position then the Fam Auto-switch operates automatically. Other two position of this control are for manually OFF and ON of the switch.

Sensitivity Control:
This is used for setting up the level of light intensity at which place the lights are to be switched ON/OFF. This control comes in the circuit when four way controls is at AUTO position. In order to operate such lights at any desired lever of light intensity this control can be adjusted accordingly.

Settings for Automatic Operation:
Set the manual control knob at AUTO and sensitivity control knob at 'N' position and watch the time of operation of street lights for 2-3 days.

If the operation is not at the proper time as per your requirement then reset the sensitivity at exact time in the evening according to the following procedure:
  • Rotate the sensitivity control knob slowly in Anti-clock-wise a direction until the switch is ON. Now slightly reverse The knob to make the switch just OFF and level the control in this position. Wait for few minutes and watch for the switch to become ON automatically with the diminishing day light. This is the right setting of the control for automatic control.
Water Proof:
The typical device is hermetically sealed unit to function efficiently in all weather conditions.

Fault Finding Procedure:
Checking of electrical circuit: Set the manual control at ON position street light should remain ON at ON position. It shows that electrical circuit is working perfectly. In case of failure, first check the fuse, then check the fuse of electrical control unit and also the supply at contractor coil.

Checking of electronic and photo control unit: In case the switch operates at ON and OFF position but does not operate at Auto position, try to set again according to Para (3b) but in bright light and then totally cover the lens with your hand. It should operate within 4 minutes.

Installation of Fam Auto Switch Unit:
Mount the switch vertically on the pole with the help of two clamps keeping in view that skylight on the photo control unit of switch is not blocked by any tree or a building. No stray or false lights from other.

Sources should fall on the photo control unit. North facing of photo control unit should be preferred.

All connections are to be done as per diagram below. Make all the connections with the help of cable lugs of proper rating and avoid loose connections.

In order to cater for all different existing load requirements with economic factor consideration, tow models of Fam Auto Switch have been designed as following:
  • Three phase to cater for 5 KW load in each phase in three different directions.
  • Two phase to cater for 5 KW load in the two different direction.
  • Single phase to cater for 2 K load in one direction.
However it is always advisable to load the switch up to 80% load capacity, as a safety measure connections of all three are shown below separately.